Our netiquette sets forth the rules of conduct and propriety to be followed when interacting on our social media platforms. Our presence on these platforms aims to advance and promote winning students, the projects submitted to Forces AVENIR and any other relevant information about Forces AVENIR and its programs. It is based on values such as tolerance, respect for others, the ability to listen to others, and politeness.

We encourage you to leave comments and testimonials on our social media platforms. To ensure people can discuss their experiences and express their opinions in a safe, respectful communication environment, Forces AVENIR has established the following rules of netiquette:

  1. In order to promote harmony and the smooth running of our social networks, Forces AVENIR reserves the right to monitor, moderate and delete comments, to ban any user and to amend these rules of netiquette at any time without prior notice.

  2. Messages about topics that are not directly or indirectly related to the content of a post will be deleted without notice.

  3. Comments that break a law, regulation or any kind of government order, or which promote information that is false, misleading, or illegal, or which promote illegal conduct or encourage violence, as well as comments that are defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist, vulgar, obscene, insulting, threatening, aggressive, abusive, or disparage an ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or age group will not be tolerated and will be deleted without notice.

  4. Comments that harass or promote harassment of another person will not be tolerated and will be deleted without notice.

  5. Comments written in all capital letters in a message will be considered as shouting, will not be tolerated and will be deleted without notice.

  6. We ask that you respect the privacy of others by refraining from including personal information in your content.

  7. Advertising in any form will not be tolerated.

  8. Forces AVENIR is in no way responsible for the information shared by the public and does not necessarily endorse the content or opinions that may be conveyed. Moreover, please note that the different comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Forces AVENIR.

  9. We consider that anyone who published a comment on the Forces AVENIR social networks has read and accepts the rules of netiquette. Comments that do not respect the netiquette will be deleted without notice.